"My wife and I are amazed with its total ease of use..."


This is by far the best purchase I made in 2013. After deciding to sell the car and go bike from here on in I knew there would be comprises concerning my 4 year old daughter BUT… the WeeHoo iGo trailer changed that. As a mountain bike owner who does not always take the conventional route from A to B, plus I wanted to see how this device would follow me, and so far its manages everything I have thrown at it from sand to stairs and even better so when the little one in the back helps on the pedals. My wife and I are amazed with its total ease of use, lack of rolling resistance and how pretty much unnoticeable it is on the back of the bike while riding, not to mention all the attention it attracts which makes each ride make my daughter feel like the queen, lol! Just today when we were out, I took a break from pedaling and my four year old girl managed to keep us rolling for 300 meters without a problem….bless her.

matthew newman