"The ride is excellent for child and adult..."


I purchased this at a bike shop after reading reviews online and wanted to add my enthusiasm to the Amazon reviews. My son is 4 and had grown out of his copilot and we had enjoyed many long rides as a family and weren't sure what we'd do next. Then we found weehoo. I have no issue with it toppling over as others mentioned, getting a kid in and out is straight forward. The ride is excellent for child and adult. On one of our first rides we went 20 miles without a single word of complaint, in fact several "weeeeeehooooos" came from the back. The storage is very useful as are the cup holders. I'm getting another attachment so we can switch between my bike and my husbands. I foresee many years of happy riding ahead of us. It's truly an excellent well thought out product. Excellent value for money IMO.

matthew newman